an ongoing conversation…..

The days grow shorter, the morning reveals dew covered grass…….                                           Summer is coming to an End.

Another fire here at the Way Station. Stars, laughter, and conversation.   Three of my favourite things.

A couple of days ago a Spirit Brother sent me a gift….a set of Runes.  Oh, my they are so interesting, they are just vibrating, and started speaking to me right away.We have had a couple of conversations, and I know we will have a long and fruitful relationship.

One of the conversations that came up last night, is an on going conversation I have been having with many people.

“Is the only way to be a respected Pagan to write?”.   It seems lots of people get recognition for writing, but those of us, going into prisons, doing weddings, driving people around, reaching out to Community, volunteering are over looked.  Does my work as a Gythja only mean something if I put it in my blog? write a book?   What about the emotional counselling?  healing work?  What would our Ancestors think of our Modern way?   I was raised in a working class family. As a child it was frowned on that I would be reading a book, “why aren’t you doing something”, was my Father’s usual question.   In high school I strived to learn as much as possible, pushing myself in advanced Biology, Chemistry and Physics.   I had dreamt of going to college since I was in fourth grade, but my parents pushed me to marry and become a secretary.   I did head to college the Fall after my graduation, but by that point my abusive boyfriend, my drug use ect, had taken it’s toll.   I had PTSD, and no support for my college career.   I didn’t even make it through a semester.

So, long story short, I DO.   I don’t write, but I mop floors, serve food, talk with people, go to events, work to educate about Heathenism, ect.   I do these things to be in Service to my Community, my Goddesses/Gods and Ancestors.   But in all the real work I strive at is looking forward, making way for the ones coming up, sharing stories of experience and hoping somehow to make a better world for those who come after.


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