Tales of a Viking Wedding and a Gythja

The Blissful Couple…..

11951404_10204591053045228_1674061242212939521_nI arrived about noon, and was there to be able to take pictures of the bride while she was dressing, her attendants taking care of her every need.  The Farm House where they live is just amazing.  It has so much character, as well as  all of the beautiful and antique items that fill it.

The day was a bit warm, but beautiful and sunny.  The day before was pouring rain, as well as the day after.  A gift.

I met with the couple a few weeks before, and had drafted a ceremony that would fit their wants.   It was elaborate in some ways.  There was the gifting of sword, shield, and keys.  We also included a Unity Torch as well as the traditional rings and vows.  Of course, there was one glitch….when the dj was heading to me to bring me the microphone, the deck tanked.   He couldn’t get it going, so the other dj had to grab his deck and in about 15 minutes we were rolling again.   Meanwhile the bagpiper played……The rest of the ceremony went along quickly, well it seemed to me.  The Bride and Groom read their vows, they were beautiful. At one point I had tears in my eyes…

I pronounced them Husband and Wife, and ooffdah’s rose up from the crowd.

After the ceremony it was cocktail time, then Dark Follies performed, some feasting, then of course the heavy lsiting contest, it was after all an SCA event.  Then came the fireworks, the firespinning and last the bonfire!   It was such a grand day, I am so blessed and honoured to having been a part of all of this.

For me, it was a culmination of many years work, it was a recognition in my Community of the work I do as Priestess and Web Weaver.   I felt like it was a graduation ceremony of sorts.  It is not the last wedding I will perform, but certainly will be the one that stands out as a turning point in my life as Gythja

So, it maybe as close to a Handfasting as I ever get, though I still have hope for me yet!


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