A Viking Wedding, with a Gythja……

I officiated a Wedding yesterday.   I was asked months ago to officiate for friends of mine.   They asked me many months ago, and I was honoured and excited.    This young couple, I watched come together, move in together, and be engaged.   I am so proud of them, and was secretly hoping they would ask me, when they got engaged.

It was a Viking Wedding, not a Heathen one.  The bride and groom are members of Thunder in the SCA.  The ceremony was not a Religious one, but a symbolic one.   I wrote the script for the Ceremony, though they had many pieces already lined up including Keys, Sword and Shield.  I added a torch lighting and there was the ring exchange, handmade by the groom’s father, and vows.

It was a perfect Maine Summer day!   The day before was a deluge of rain, as it is today.   I believe all the prayers for this couple contributed to the awesome weather!!!   I know I said a few prayers!   It was held at their farm, they have horses, goats and chickens there.   I love their goat’s milk!   There  was a  beautiful reception tent, the tables done up so beautifully!   Every detail fussed over….Hail Frigga!

to be continued…..



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