Blessed Freya’s Day!

While working on the Viking Wedding, I am finding so many emotional hurdles that I must get through.

I have been planning my handfasting for almost 20 years now…lol. So now that party will be my Birthday Party next year.  When I got divorced, I still wanted to be married. I looked for many years for another Husband.  But, alas, that search was given up. After my daughter lost her Father, all bets were off, she became job number one, and I put my romantic life on hold for 6 years. Then I was seeking a partner, and I would seal that relationship with a Handfasting…but alas, none has shown themselves.    I was adopted into my former partner’s family.   It was a Handfasting, a Collaring or an adoption ceremony.   I knew the Family would always be there for me, even if my former partner couldn’t, which did prove to be the case.

So, while writing this Rite, it makes me think on the choices I have made in my life, and why.   I am Priestess, the Gods do own my ass, so I do not see that any traditional relationship will work for me at this point. Though I must say, a Companion and Lover would be wonderful to live with again.

Tonight, here at the Way Station, will be a Fire under the New Moon, some Magick and stars with my homemate…this makes my heart very happy…..


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  1. Heather Awen Says:

    I understand, when the “Gods own your ass” your lovelife is theirs, like everything else. They don’t want me to get lost in a bad all-consuming relationship drama that keeps me from doing their work. It’s pretty hard to find people who understand when your priorities are Deities. It’s hard to find people who think that love, relationships and marriage even mean the same thing. The words have totally different meanings to everybody.Freya gives me parts of relationships that connect to what is best for me and also what is best for what she wants me to be doing with the rest of my life and it’s usually Gerda who tells me that it won’t last. Now I don’t really think as much about some relationship that meets who I am on so many levels that will last because there are so many things to learn on so many different levels I don’t think there’s a man who can support all of that and Freya doesn’t want any of my life to be wasted taking care of somebody else.

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