Heathen Clergy

That is me.  Gythja.

This month is full of obligations as that Clergy.   Yesterday was another trip into the prison, to assist with Wiccan/Pagan group.   I invited the man who started the Heathen group I facilitate.  That was….interesting.  The group it self was, okay.  But the difference between the and the rest of the group, was telling.   The prison also calls us ‘Odinist’s”…oh I know…..I have been battling for a year now.   This coming week the letters will be written.    he blatant discrimination by the “Chaplin”, was just so painful   I am standing in front of her….”I call myself a Heathen, that is my Faith”, “But us Christians don’t like that word”

Okay….deep breath.  It seems that I have to educate everyone……lol.  I realize and exaggeration but come on people, she is a Chaplin paid by the State of Maine!!!!

On a happy note, I am officiating at a Viking Wedding, the happy couple is not Heathen, but they are SCAdians and part of the Viking tribe.   So I am writing that now.


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