Pagans, Pagans, Pagans.

The week was full of Hope and Joy and Sunshine….

It was Pagan Unity Day here this past Saturday.   It was a beautiful day, it started with a “Death and Dying” workshop. I now need to fill out my paperwork and ready for my death…not that I expect it soon, but good to be prepared.  I hosted two workshops myself but was very inspired by a workshop Political Paganism.    As usual there was not enough time to catch up with everyone, watch the performers, and just wile the day away.  Next year, I am not volunteering.

Today, off to the local prison.   I have been doing In Reach for over a year now.  I have leanred alot about my  Faith and myself in this endeavour, but I am spent and about done.    Today I am going to a ritual hosted by the Wiccan group, with another Pagan Clergy member…should be interesting.

Then on Sunday is our MPCA, Maine Pagan Clergy Association meeting…..I have been doing volunteer work, outreach ect for the Pagan Community for over 20 years, this Summer I have realized, I need to pull back.  Get clear about my work and how I can best serve the Community.

I pray others step up!!!


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