A change in the air…..

It has been a very full couple of weeks.  There is definitely a “shift” in the Universe.  Well for certain mine at least.

I don’t know if it is because I have accomplished three years of living as  a Single/Autonomous Woman, or that we have entered the Age of Aqaurious, or the heading toward my 50th Birthday.  All of these things I am sure are in there.   I have been coming to grips with alot of myself and my Shadow self.

I know I have harmed many in this life, some I can make things up to, some I cannot.   I know I have been selfish and sometimes ignorant, or just downright cruel.   I have been making a list of those I have wronged and how I might make amends.

I know when I am moving on my path, for gifts appear as well as lessons.    This past Friday it was a gift and a lesson. Sometimes, I have believed that my heart would never love again as I loved my former Partner, and then there are moments when I see that something just might come close.   That I should not give up on Love, Intimacy and Friendship.   My Dear Hero taught me this, he saved me from myself in some senses and kept my feet on the ground and my Heart safe, while all around me was falling down.   I am his Brynhild and he my Sigurd, well, we know how that story ends.

I have met another Kindred Soul, a Wise Soul lost in the darkness.

I pray that we can teach and learn from one another, time will tell.

My Heart Loves Many!  But most of those Many are not mine.  I seek intimacy  above all else, and companionship.  I know it is coming.   I just persevere, continue doing the Great Work and following my Heart with my Gothjya duties.   This  is how I move Serve.  To care for self, own my mistakes, and be a role model for myself and others.


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