Some become abusive with Power

yes, we do.   I have been on the receiving side of that abuse.

As well as  on the giving side.

One of my worst fears in life, is to be the one doing the abuse. I have had rage issues in my past.  I have even blacked out from anger more than once in my life.   I am sure if we did a check for that “anger” gene, I would have it.

But, I am a woman.  Women handle things differently.  We are calculating, intuitive, manipulative and subversive.  I am also an Alpha Female, here to Protect, Guard and Teach the Tribal Pups, to assist in them becoming  young Women and Men.

Well, okay maybe that is just me….but I think not.   We have these qualities to over ride the Man’s qaulity of physical strength.  They can force us physically to do what they want, in General.   So Women, have evolved countering qualities.  This is not a Wicked thing, it is a biological thing.  So….as Women, it is our responsibility to know our actions and our mind.   To over ride the animal in us to achieve the higher consciousness that is needed in a lasting, stable. Community.  I am speaking as a Neo Tribalist.   I chose to be PolyAmorous for many reasons, and one is to over ride biology, own my mind and my body.  Make choices that are best for the Tribe, not just me.

Magician Know Theyself.


One Response to “Some become abusive with Power”

  1. And knowing ourselves is, indeed critical. However, also knowing that we need other perspectives as we miss things.

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