My Heathen Faith

As a Heathen, I find there are parts of my Faith that is just so ignorant.   Mind I don’t  run into these people one on one all of the time, but when a large group of people who follow the same gods I do, are so ignorant, I am deeply saddened.

I know that there is such a large void in our culture for Men to learn how to be Men.  So many gravitate towards the Northern Gods to grasp onto sometime of ideal Manhood.   But it is not that easy.  Being a man is more than being a warrior.  It is more than being the “strongest”, the “bravest”.  Being a Man is looking out for the next generation. Being a Man means living with Honour and Integrity.  Being a Man means not only defending women, but being conscious of them and keeping them safe, mostly from other men.   Being a Man means facing the horrible parts within yourself and owning up to them.  Being a Man means to support other Men in being good Men, calling them on their misogyny and holding them accountable. You can not just become a Man by calling yourself an Odinist or wearing a hammer.   It is the work in-between, moment by moment, action by action.

So it does not surprise me, unfortunately when people in my faith are small minded, ignorant asses.  I pray for and work for changing our culture for Men and Women.   One moment at a time.


2 Responses to “My Heathen Faith”

  1. Well said. Manhood is not a 1980s action movie.

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