A gift…..



I went to the local SCA event.  Of course it is always on the hottest weekend here in Maine…

I knew that I would find my new hammer there, before I left.   Just like I knew I would find my Valknut two Summers ago.There was a metal smith there, and I stopped to watch him work.   Then I saw it them, three small hammers.  “How much for the hammer?”  “The Thor’s hammer”, he replied, ” five dollars”.   “Oh, well this one is mine”.

I asked his name, “Grey Wolf”, of course it was…. I asked to shake his hand, he stuck out his blackened strong hand, “a bit dirty”, he said.   “No matter”, a firm grip he had, of course.   I retrieved some water for  in his horn, and chatted for a bit.   He was telling me about Taranus, a thunder god. He is sometimes mentioned in conjunction with Esus and Toutatis. Some believe that he was proto Celtic variation there of Thor.  I had never heard this before, the skin on my arm tingled.  Ah, Celtic and Heathen…..

So now, I have some research to do, and a grand new hammer, hand forged in Maine!

Hail Thor!   Hail Taranus!


One Response to “A gift…..”

  1. Kristen K Says:

    It’s looks so strong, very nice.

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