Politics and the Gods

I have been so pleased as of late to see the people around me, talking more about politics and the economy. This has been something that I tie deeply to my Religious life, and have for over twenty years.  I don’t know how, ‘odd’, I am but I have been looking forward ever since I became a parent by choice.

The early days of being a Mother was filled with washing cloth diapers, making my own baby food, recycling,(before it was a thing), learning to be clever with money and resources. The first few years, are now a blur, but I knew then, how much consumption, debt, insurance, jobs played into our daily stress and eventual bankruptcy and divorce. When my daughter was about 2, I started having visions of a world filled with trash and pollution.  It was terrifying to me, what kind of world would my daughter live in?  Personally, I didn’t know anyone else at the time who thought like me.  Who started to see the whole thing collapsing and jobs and clean air and water disappearing.    When I started finding myself again, my Spiritual path.  I found solace and comfort in the ability to see the Earth, as Gia.   I now call her Nerthus, but She is She.  I prayed, made offerings communed with Her.

Now we stand in this place, 20 years later……how is this better?  We missed the boat on many things, and Corporations have controlled the movement.  How can we change this thing??!?!?

I decided to teach.  To share what I know, to encourage other’s to wake up and speak the truth.  So when one of my mentees is telling her friends about societal problems, and when a friend now chooses to use cloth diapers.  I feel that I have done some small part.   If everyone did one small part, we can change this thing we call reality….(but that another rant)


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