Interesting dream……

A head full of dreams last night……

I was in the woods with some Loved ones, we were along a river on the side of a mountian.  We were standing outside of the cabin, we heard a loud noise and up the dirt road were two bears.  A black bear and a grizzly, they were posturing.  Soon, they were fighting.  The grizzly ran off and the black bear headed our way.  It was a giant black bear, he was heading towards up pretty fast, we turned and headed to the cabin, not running but walking briskly.  We made it onto the screened in porch and tried to bolt the screen door, that failed.   We got inside, and finallyi got the inside door to lock.   The bear came right into the screened porch, sniffed around looking for food, tore open the garbage and had a snack.  Then he pissed on everything and headed back out the door.

After having lived with the fear of grizzlies on a Montana Mountain with the Somaferans, and having a black bear eat my macaroons at another Gathering, during my Initiation. in NH….I think there is something deeper going on here..


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