Watching the Weave: Trothmoot 2015

While I am working on my telling of this Moot, here is a beautiful write up about someone else’s experience.


The Troth

Frigg weaving
The Norns set the length of the threads when a man, woman, or god is born.  Urd, Verthandi, and Skuld weave the wyrd that binds the men and gods alike.  Frigg at her loom weaves the lives of men and women, using the foreknowledge that is hers from her sharing of the High Seat.

Lokesenna 29
“The fate of all | does Frigg know well,
Though herself she says it not.”

The Norns and the gods are not alone in the weaving, for did not Odin lay down in the Havamal the way that we can weave our fates brighter?  What is the Havamal if not a telling of how we can brighten each others lives by recognizing those who are important to us, and through the bonds of hospitality, of exchanged gifts and shared labours, bind each other tightly together that we share in each others strength, and add…

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