A Spirit Sister passed……

A Spirit Sister of mine passed away last week.  I did not find out until she had been gone for a week.

How did I find out, Facebook.   “her heart”, unfortunately I think another statistic of over dose.

Holly, or as I like to call her, Aphrodite, was part of the Single Mom’s Family I formed with other Mothers, we called ourselves the “Kitchen Witches”, and if I think it through I bet it was Holly who named us.   Holly and I fell out of touch after my daughter’s father passed and I moved up North.  She was a gracious hostess, but her life style choices I could not support and I pulled away.  I needed to parent my daughter, and keep myself mostly sober and well.

I caught up with her again two years ago, we spent some lovely Summer afternoons together, some wine, weed and lots of laughs.

I have been a bit in shock of this news, and obviously reflective.

My gathering was amazing!   I found a healing system, started training for Seeress work, and made some new Dear friends.  I will have that blog up on Weds, about my experience there.

Enjoy each day, it just may be the last.

Today is a good day to die.


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