Drums, Fire and Mani

I was blessed to attend a drum circle last night.  I closed my eyes and drifted  with the sounds, the rhythms…

Mani glistening on the water, the wind through the trees, and directly above the fire circle, Odin’s Wain.  It seems to be overhead every time I look up these days.  It was three years ago that I endured some extreme ordeal work. This changed my relationship with Odin, in a deep and powerful way.

I will be setting up a Ve at an upcoming Gathering to Gullveig.  She was killed by the Aesir three time, but came back to life each time. When reborn the last she became known as Heiðr, a knowing and skilful völva.

I have been working my personal Mythos involving this story,  after this Gathering and my research, I hope to finally share that story.


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