Back from Rites

Woke in my own bed, instead of in my Pagan Summer Camp, I could still hear the drums in my head. I had a wonderful Rites, grumpy body excluded. I got to hang with some awesome people, have some great conversations, hang around many fires, and hoist a horn or two with some incredible Heathens. It was 15 years ago I attended my first Rites, and oh how far I have come.

My first Rites, I was a single Mother of a 10 year old, since then my daughter lost her Father, graduated  from High School and College and now has a full time job in her field.   Without Rites being a touch stone and a place to heal I don’t think I would have made it through.

This year for me was mellow.  I did not deep Magickal work, as in years past, but mostly healing emotionally, looking toward my future. A move is coming for me in the Fall.   It is time to leave Maine for a bit, as I had hoped to two years ago.

I worked in the kitchen supervising the lunch work shift, and that was so fulfilling for me.   (I am really good at telling people what to do)   I also spent many hours in conversation about Heathenry and Seidh work.

Thanks to all who made it possible for me to go! Rites of Spring for allowing me to help feed the Community, and all my Friends who Love and Support me! Thank you!

Gates of Transformation


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