New Moon, New Day

I have been dealing with some health concerns as of late.  I have realized that my body will slow me down when my Inner world is needing tending to.   Or the Gods wish to get my attention for something.  Change your perceptions, Change your world.   Along with this New Moon and an upcoming Gathering, I have been spending alot of time reflecting.

My life has been in a stasis, pretty much, for almost two years.   Grieving, Healing, Homelessness, Mental health issues has taken up most of my waking time, and I slept away the rest.   I spent alot of time sleeping and dreaming this past Winter, it was cold, and the only place I found solace was in my bed.

Now I emerge….but what what will I emerge into? Where will I go?  Whom will I Love? Whom will I Serve, and how?

Being on in  Service  to the Gods, my life is not my own.   At  moment in time it is clear to me, that I cannot continue in the way I have been living for these past two years any longer, if I want to continue to deepen my Spirit Communications.

I will take the next month at least, between Gatherings, tattoos, Dr’s appts, and yard sales to make the way clear for my growth, and to plan a life that will support, heal and make the pain less.


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