Beltane…ah a time for Lovers,

I miss having a live in Lover.  This past Full Moon and Beltane, have brought, again, to my attention how much I miss having a Lover.  I see how the lack of cuddling, lovemaking, and Dark Eros, is an unhealthy thing for me.

I have lived the past two years as an Autonomous Single Woman.  Though I have a Dear Love I am Blessed to visit with occasionally, he lives five states away and I an ready, willing and seeking now a Live in Love again.

I have lived many ways in relation to Lovers in my lifetime.

I lived with a Boyfriends, I was Married, I lived a a Single Mother, most of my adult life, I dated a boyfriend for years, and my last relationship was the best for me.  Adult Live in Lovers……..

As I spend most of my days and night alone, I have time to Pray, and vision what that would look like in my future…..

I know I have to put in more of an effort to seek a Lover, and I have turned to Freyja and Frey to assist in this.

Hail the the Lord and Lady!


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