Blessed Walpurgis


It was a warm and sunny day here yesterday.  The warmth of the Summer sun could be felt on my flesh.

The leaves are budding, the snow birds coming back to roost.

I had a conversation with Woden on Thursday night, Walpurgisnaught….

I went to dance and to pray….and there he was in my ear.

It has been two years since our last “contract’.  Time to make some plans again

Now, thank the Gods I know enough to say no, or to wait….he is persistent.

One thing I need to accomplish are my toes in the Pacific Ocean, a long standing dream of mine.

Others include writing, performance, teaching and Loving.

In these next couple of days, my personal Rite planned for Sunday, Prayer, self reflections

and divination…..where will I be, and what will I be doing for the next two years……


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