Sacred Harlotry: A Practical Guide for Modern Times

I consider myself a Sacred Whore, and a Scarlet Woman.

Sacred Liminality

I’ve talked before on the origins of sacred harlotry and some of its permutations in ancient cultures, but there’s only so much one can learn from historical documents and even UPG. For someone just starting out on the path of a sacred harlot, as well as for those who’ve been walking that path without necessarily realizing it, there’s really not much out there to help in the journey. I’ve decided to do what little I can to rectify this situation. The following guide is written primarily based on my personal experience with being a sacred harlot, so your mileage may vary as to what’s useful in your path and what’s not. Also, be warned, there is frank discussion of potentially triggering subjects such as nonconsent and BDSM within. Still, I hope it helps in some fashion. I’d love to get some feedback so I can continue to tweak and update…

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One Response to “Sacred Harlotry: A Practical Guide for Modern Times”

  1. Hail the Sacred Whore! Hail the Scarlet Woman! Hail the heart which has opened itself unto the Universe! Hail the fertile and dark womb space of Nuit! Hail the Divine feminine in all its diverse forms!

    SHE walks, fire sweeping from HER feet. Sparks flying to ignite every heart which would welcome HER.. Hail Babalon! ❤

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