safe and sound

As I lie here, I feel safe.   I have not felt this safe for quite a while.  To be in a room of my own, that is warm, clean, filled with my things.  This has not been the case for a while.

In the past year I have moved seven times.

First I moved out of the Yurt.  Mind you it was lovely, but it had no running water, no phone or wifi, was heated with a wood stove and I lived down a long driveway  that I had to have plowed after each storm.  So a friend invited me to stay with their family.  I made me a spot in the kitchen, for me and some of my things.  From there I housesat for a friend of a friend, it was a cute little place, and actually my daughter lives there now, from there I moved into a small room/large closet with another friend.  From there I moved into a friends living room.  We built some makeshift walls to give me private space but it was an illusion.  Then finally a place I could afford with homemates, I was there actually for six months which is the longest I have lived in one place since my former partner and I were together.  I thought that was going to be a home for me for years, but alas, the Gods had other plans for me.

The home became toxic, the environment and the people there.  The last straw was when someone tried to break into my room when I was away.

I have lived too much life for such blatant disrespect.  I have lived with abusive boyfriends, lived in  hiding from said boyfriends, been homeless more than once.  I WILL NOT live in a toxic, abusive home ever again!

So now, I am safe and sound.  A Dear Spirit Sister invited me into her home, and as I lie here tonight I am so thankful for this space.  We have cooked food together, talked about Magic, Religion and many other things we have in common.  I go to bed, and don’t have  to worry about freezing if I close my door, or that when I wake havoc would have been brought on the kitchen.  I can go to sleep feeling safe, secure and warm.

In the past seven years, I have lived in many unconventional living arrangements, that is a topic for another day, today I am thankful for this simple one.


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