On Sacred Harlotry in Ancient and Modern Times

This is one of the best essays I have read on being, what I call,
a Sacred Whore.

Sacred Liminality

Today, let’s talk about sex. This discussion is not for the squeamish nor the prudish. First off, I define sex as any sexual activity involving one’s erogenous zones, most often but not limited to one’s genitalia, with the goal of creating arousal and subsequent release. This activity may or may not be physical in nature, as in the case of godsex, and is certainly not limited to certain genders, body parts, or numbers of partners involved (if there are partners involved).

Sex is an incredibly intimate and even dangerous act. Not all sex involves people who are in love, but all sex requires trust and vulnerability. It exposes oneself in ways that very few physical acts can. Not all sex – in fact, very little – leads to reproduction or is even between individuals who can reproduce together. Still, sex is, at heart, a creative act that fosters connections between…

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