Again, and again. I fall, but I get back up.

Last night I spent some time in Prayer and Communion.
I have just moved, again, and gotten the Temple set up and almost proper. I spent the day yesterday setting up Altars and shelving my books. Then a meditation.

I have been starting to have Dreams again, well at least to rediscover dreams I have had before. Things I wish to accomplish and places I wish to travel to. It has been so hard to Dream, Visualize anything of my future when I have just been in survival mode for so long. So today I am so grateful that I can dream again….

Most of what I understood from my Conversation with Woden, is that I can have all I desire, but I must sacrifice in order to achieve.

One Back on Diet, and off sugar.  12 Step Meetings to support me

Two Yoga, dance and Sword

Three Plan my Travelling, Blots and Gatherings.

Four Date again

Facing Fears, is really the common thread through all of these, and Facing Fear is the only way I know to grow.

Many years ago I was so Blessed to have the assistance of my Partner to “push”, me through many fears.

Today I must be my own Mentor, Priestess and Support.


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