Hitchin’ up the Wagon, again……

I live a life, Of Service, In Service….

My life is not my own, I am put where I am Needed, Appreciated, and where I will Learn.

So it seems, my work here is done.   Minus me, it will be that the Family will be able to spend more time together, and Bond, and Learn from each other.   I am so happy for that.

My new assignment, a House with a Spirit Sister, and her daughter.

I will have two rooms.

A Temple and a Studio/Study.   This is such a Blessing, it seems the Dreams I had for Stone Porch, will now be somewhere else…..Cooking and eating with Homemates. Discussions of Magick, Growing and Healing.  Doing, Crafts, Brewing, Singing, Dancing.

The Life I seek…..

Loving, Laughing, Thriving


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