Has been the theme since Tuesday.   Juno hit and I got stranded with the Hero and extra day, that was truly a Blessing.  Hail to Juno and thank you!

Upon my arrival home, much shovelling to be done, though my Dear Sister had my car all cleared off and shoved out and came to get me on Tuesday morning, after a rest at my Daughter’s house,I didn’t get to Maine until close to midnight.

I never travelled much at all before I was 40. My first solo bus trip to Boston was for my 40th Birthday. Now for the past seven years travelling has been a way of life.   It all started with a solo trip on a bus to Montana…now mind you if you can travel on a bus for three days by yourself, well, you should get a badge of some sort.   I was so proud of myself, and it was a Initiation, as it were.   I took that trip another year as well, all on my own.   I was able to travel with my former Partner to England.  We lived there with Family for 11 weeks.   While there I travelled on my own over to Ireland, and before I left, I stayed in London and was able to get to Stonehenge and Bath.

I learned so much about myself in these endeavours as well as people, and the world.   It is an experience that can never be taken away from me, and one I treasure.  I look forward to more exploring…West Coast, Iceland…..

I have more adventures coming….stay tuned!


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