Edwin Friend of Odin

This morning…..I Dreamed a Dream of Edwin Leland Lowell Jr.

I have not dreamed of him in many years. I woke feeling sad and desirous to be able to speak with him, again.
In the dream I was cleaning, sweeping the floor, I could feel someone sitting behind me at the kitchen table. When I turned it was Bubba.
He looked like he did when we were married, he was wearing a coat and boots, dressed for a Maine winter. I told him I just needed some space to get my work done, and he got up and headed outside. He went outside to my car and was pushing things around in my trunk, “you gotta make room for me”, he said. I went to him and held him. I do, need to make more room for him.

The night before my dreams were even more disturbing. I was at an event with many other folks when it came under attack.
I was in a large building and the walls started being pushed in upon us….I made my way out through a hole in the wall.
As I ran, with bullets flying and large objects falling, I cried aloud, “Odin!”, and a large object fell feet from me, “Odin”, and a bullet missed me
“Odin” another flying large object missed me. I could feel and almost see a large figure above me redirecting things that could cause me harm.

A few years ago, I learned that Edwin means “Friend of Odin”.
Two years ago, during an extrely dark time in my relationship with my former Partner,
Edwin came to and kicked me in the ass. I had to change that relationship it was toxic for both of us. I wish I had more courage at that time, I could have spared both of us some pain.
So when “Bubba” shows up I know there is something I should be paying attnetion to.

To me these two dreams are related. Not exactly sure how/why but keeping my eyes and Heart open……


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