Time away from Home….

But I am never from Home, for it resides in my Heart.

Although being away from Maine does leave me with longings….
Longing for the Trees….
Longing for the Skies….
Longing for the Land….
Longing for Family…
Longing for Friends…..

I am visiting in Pennsylvania…as much as I want to long to live here,
I cannot.

The land here is so much different from home. It is full of hills and vallies, ridges and hills.
The trees here are not like home either….some of them I don’t even recognize and most of them a very young. There are not as many Conifers here as back home, and the lack of green seems bleak to me.

Now don’t get me long, I do still long to travel more, and live in some other place than Maine, but that calling is for the West Coast. I have had this aching desire for the west coast for years. For a few years I tried to get my former Partner to move out there, but we never got that far, together.
I am going,and 2015 is the year!

I am sure my homemates are glad that I have taken some time away. I know I am a bit (lol) much for most people. Mind you it did take a Berserk to Love me and put up with me for years.
I take my responsibilities for Homemaking very seriously. I have been homeless more than once in my life. Until September, I was homeless for almost a year and a half. I had places to stay mind you but none of them were mine, and all were temporary. So taking the care of a Home is something precious to me. But I am odd Woman out in the Home. The scapegoat, the bad guy. I realize that immaturity, and lack of extreme life experiences such as mine have alot to do with that. No one can walk in another’s shoes, that is what compassion is for.
I have been feeling emotionally unsafe there, but I cannot allow that to contaminate who I am, and I will not.

When I return, I have a new money making venture awaiting me, new adventures to plan with my Dear Sister, and to continue to make myself healthy and whole.


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