The last day of 2014

I am glad to see a new year arrive

2014 was an interesting one for sure….

It started out with me living on my own in Yurt in the Maine woods, then moved to under a table, then moved to a cute little house in Portland to house sit for a friend of a friend, (my daughter lives there now), then lived out of my car for a bit, then made a ‘nest’ at a friends house in her living room, from there I travelled some and finally ended up here at Stone Porch in September.  For now I have a full residence, all my things and all my books, (besides the things that were stolen from the Yurt) are now with me.

I began my In Service Ministry work at the local prison at the Summer Solstice and have been going twice a month to meet with the inmates since.   That work has been such a powerful learning experience and I feel blessed to help people directly turn their inner lives around.

My health,has not been the best, I went without my asthma controlled for over a year and just recently was able to get my meds and am back on track breathing!

My Heart, still reeling and healing, but I feel now it is well on it’s way to something More. y

I have found that my memory and my thinking processes have grown greatly in this past year.  Now I need to use them more and practice, practice, practice!

I have come to some conclusions about myself and my appearance, that is something I am taking head on in the first part of the upcoming year.

It has been mostly a year of being still, yes I moved around alot, but internally I learned alot about me, and what I have learned in the past 7 years.  I felt as if a circle has come around again….and moving into this next year I feel that I need to bust out of some very old ideas of myself!!!!

So, tattoos have been planned and travel  in the cauldron…


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