A Full Moon and

a Full Week….

I was asked a while back to meet with a group in the local prison.  They are Heathens and in order to meet they need an outside volunteer.

This past Monday was our third meeting.  I was so nervous, this was the first time I was meeting with the guys on my own, the Chaplin will not be at most of our meetings.   While at ECT I made a vow to give this six months, and in the meantime look for others to help with this.   I almost pulled out of the parking lot, and then I took a deep breath and knew I had to face these fears.   I made a commitment not only to the Chaplin but to Woden as well…..but that is another long story.

When I entered the prison and had to hand in my keys, I knew the gaurd, so I felt better, and then walking across the yard, I ran into my Uncle, whom I did not even know worked there.   I knew then that I was being looked after, and I was safe.

I walked away from the meeting with the realization that this was for me, just as much as it was for them, something I did not expect.


Wednesday night on the Full Moon, I had the first Sumbel here at Stone Porch.  It was a beautiful night, good fire, good mead and good conversations.  I plan to do this once a month.

Though at time there were strong moments of sadness, I know the only way to heal myself is to keep moving forward.  fullmoonclouds


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