Change of Season

As the Summer winds down, I find myself in my new Home.
As I unpack the many things from many years memories trickle out of the crumpled newspaper
and my mind wanders, to Love, Laughter, Magic and tears.

Reflection on years past, I find I have finally been able to pull all the pieces of myself closer together, and see so many lessons that were being taught to me over the past seven years. I feel so dumbfounded at times, I could not see these things in myself just a few years ago, as I notice them in others I realize how far I have come and how ignorant and selfish I was.

So with the Harvest of this Season, I take what I know is good and discard the bad, and put up some preserves for the cold of Winter.

Tonight I will unpack my Magickal items, I have put it off too long, no longer time for distractions.


One Response to “Change of Season”

  1. We have all made mistakes and done stupid things. We have all fallen. We need to learn from those mistakes and injuries and then continue. Sometimes, you are a bit hard on yourself. That’s fair, we all are. Just don’t dwell in despair.

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