Well, another September…….
It seems the Summer passed so quickly.
Now the long nights lie ahead, and my heart laments.

I have been very fortunate in my life, I believe, to have loved many and been loved back by some of those even. I was Blessed to share a life with my former Partner, that changed me forever. I was a wife, for a short time, and a full-time Single Mother for many years.Once again I find myself with and empty nest, so to speak.
Now that I actually have a home, my heart, my Spirit and head have turned to deeper meaning in my life.
I spent over a year “multihomed”, and now I have my own room, four walls and two windows. A proper bed, a bureau and a desk….and now I can see deeper into my soul.
What I see there is sadness, and regret. Yes, and moments of joy and accomplishment, but today it has been grief and confusion. I can almost taste it, I am so close, and yet so far.

As Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs states, I am moving into safety, now that I have a home, but now comes Love/Belonging, so I figure that is where I am at, again. I have learned in this life, that being able to pull oneself up by the boot straps and finding one’s way again. The gift is I have had much practice, the curse is I have had much practice. Doing this over and over again on my own has been exhausting and without my Spiritual Path, and my Gods I would be so very lost.
I have also learned, that being exhausted is not excuse not to continue.


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