I spent the last week of August  at the East Coast Thing. The East Coast Thing is a gathering for Asatru/Heathen folks in Pennsylvania. This was my second year in attendance and I look forward to the third.   Here are a few reflections upon that gathering.

I found myself emotionally in such a difference space than I was in last year. I spent the past year on my own, after many years of living side by side with my former partner. I moved around quite a bit, five times to be exact, with many generous people making sure I had a roof over my head, and now this coming weekend, I am actually moving into a Home, my room will have walls!!!

So, going into this ECT was a much different head space than last year. I also have My Hero to thank for making sure I made it to ECT and back! Thank you!

Wednesday night, was mellow, a Coming Home again feeling….I fell asleep alone in my tent to the sounds of the forest and laughter form the nearby camp. Thursday, I atteneded many awesome workshops and caught up with many new friend and old. Thursday night, I found myself in a camp with some awesome Heathens from Virginia…telling tales, talking about Gods and learning a bit more about my German heritage…while we talked and drank and smoked….Thor arrived! Hail Thor!

The rain came down in sheets…the lightening and thunder went on and on and on….and by the end of it, my tent was floating a bit….I got an offer to crawl into a young man’s tent…but alsas I found myself a dry bunk and hunkered down for the night. Once again Friday brought many workshops, conversations, laughter and games.

I found myself contemplating a new relationship with Frigga, since I am going to be setting up new community home, and was looking for assistance and guidance in how to make it work for everyone.

But as per his usual, Odin made a very clear and present presence known. I usually work with The Old Man on very specific terms, so I wrote a letter to him on Friday and had planned to give it to him during the Odin Rite on Sat night. Well, per usually somethings just take on their own forms…..

I was standing in the circle on Saturday night, waiting for the Rite to begin, my Sister, whom is standing there with a spear in her hand, leans to me and says “they are going to ask if anyone wants to dedicate or rededicate themselves to the Old Man during the Rite”, I broke out in hysterical laughter…and tears streamed down my face. I knew what I must do, as much as I might resist and did resist for many years. When the time came, I walked into the circle of Valkyries, all holding spears with the rest of my Kin whom were to be dedicated and held one of the spears that was surrounding the fire. As I waited, my heart pounded, my blood boiled, it felt as if I was preparing for something. A Brother next to me was also reaching into himself, into the place of the Berserk, and the two of us played off each other’s energies… was a powerful moment.

I took the step forward, held the tip of the spear in my hands and offered myself in Service.


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