Walking through the webs….

It has been a long year of learning, but also to opening myself up to “The Old Man’.

Many years ago at a conferences, I went to a workshop with Diane Paxson, it was titled,“Decent to Odin”. While I was in that vision, he gifted me a symbol. Mind you, a simple symbol, no words were spoken, it was just laid in the palm of my hand. At the conference I asked a few people what they thought it might be. Many said a Sun symbol of some kind, one said they though is was a Sami symbol for the Sun. I carried this symbol with me, I had at that time made a conscious choice to not answer Wodan’s call. I just kept telling him, “not now.”.

My Partner and Priest at the time was enough Odin for me. He would randomly stop by just to let me know that he was still around. It felt as if I was being courted, and I treated it as such.

At another gathering a few things happened in reference to that gift. I had a vision while there, that this symbol was to be placed at the back of my neck….wow, that will hurt, and gee I have always wanted a neck tattoo…once again, but not now. Later during that conference I was compelled to as an opinion on this, I showed the person the symbol, and told them where it was to be placed, she broke out into hysterical laughter and said “ that is a sight, like looking down a rifle”,,,,hysterical laughter….

Oh, my jaw hit the floor for I knew this to be true. I also knew, NOT NOW!

I also lost my Claddagh ring at that event, it was very special to me, it was my own ring, I found for myself, many years back I went to a Bazar at a local Catholic Church, I showed up later in the day and went through the left overs. I bent down to paw through one particular box I felt called to, and at the very bottom was my ring. I held it up and asked the women sitting at the table, how much for the ring?

The woman smiled, oh a dime is good. A dime it was, sterling silver and mine! So back to the gathering, it disappeared during that gathering….I knew that That Wanderer had taken it.

It was a life changing gathering for me in many ways, but I must admit my life was already on a knife’s

edge at that time, and it only got trickier from there……

vicious, luscious, capacious,


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