The Season seems to be going by so quickly…..Soon it will be time to move into my new home, to start a new chapter.

It is odd to me to be looking forward for any length of time, for the past seven years the longest I was in one place was 13 months. Now to look forward for a year even seems daunting. I know most humans do this, find a place to live and stay there for a while, but me, I like that I can roam and wander…..

These next few weeks will be spent leaning and growing with my Dear Love, what will they bring? well, only time will tell, what will come this Fall? well, only time will tell.

The Gods brought us together so I continue to seek their guidance and continue to grow and learn in this proccess…

It is my greatest fear that I am facing.

My former Priest taught me well, and helped me to see that opening my heart is the only way……
I am courageous….feeling the fear and doing it anyways.


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