Thor’s Blot

This past weekend I was invited by RKN to their Thor’s Blot.

It was a picture perfect Maine day, the sun shining, a bit of coolness on the breeze and clouds racing across the sky…

I have been to a handful of Blots with RKN and always am honored when I am invited.   It was a lovely ride through the woods of Maine to arrive there.  The ride itself was quite healing, and I had time to think.

Thor is the one who came and got me… was many years ago at a Pagan event that I discovered the Norse Gods.  I had, mind you, read a bit on the Gods and had a friend or two who was a practising Heathen, and I had been to a few things at Rites of Spring, but I was not a Heathen, not yet.   That particular Rites was a powerful one for me, I spent many nights around the fire, and even went to a Blot while there.   On my ride home from the Berkshires I realized that there was a storm just off to my left the whole way home….  I could feel his presence, almost see his face in the clouds.


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