Worth the Wait…..

This Spring/Early Summer has been a good one. I have been busy with Priestess work, holding Rune Study group, Hosting Blot, one on one, travel to hear and share stories, reading Tarot, Prayers, planning and reading.

I have also learned something about myself that I am proud of. I was concerned early on in Seidhr work that I would not find a way to reach trance state on my own. Most of my earlier workings had been achieved via Dark Eros, Lovemaking or involving another person in some way. I have gone over six weeks without close human contact and I must report that I have been able to reach trance/ecstatic states on my own.

One of my Priests said to me a while back I should practice being alone. Most of my time as an adult had been spent parenting. So I was mostly never physically alone for long periods of time, and also the weight of parenting kept me from my studies. It has been seven years now since my Daughter left the nest. This past year has been truly on my own, no Partner/Priest/Lover on a full time basis, so my daily life has been mine. I was fearful of it, I am sure that is why my Priest suggested that.

I have come to understand myself so much better now, I also have become much more confident and competent in my workings.

Mind you I am still not where I wish to be, but so much closer than I thought I would be.

This is the longest time period I have gone without a Lover in many, many years. Six weeks. I had some opportunities mind you, and I sure I could have pounced on any one of the humans I have stalked over the past months, but I chose not to. I have had withdrawal symptoms, endorphins are our friends….as well as eating more than I wish. But over all, it has been a positive experience for me. I did not set out to reach this goal…
I have an end date in sight, and magical workings to go along with that….so now just counting down the days.
I am glad I had this time/experience, I truly feel the strength of coming into MY OWN!


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