Tales of Terror, Growth and loss…..

I have been writing lately, not here obviously, but stories of my life of the past six years.   One thing I came to realize was the terror I faced and the tales I now have to share.   I have held onto many of the stories I have to share because of embarrassment, about how I could have let those things happen to me, what would people think?  I have come to realize it was what I thought that was holding me back.   I was so “in Love”, seeking to hold the attention of my Partner that I gave up too much, suffered but also grew a great deal.   I am not the only one that he harmed in those years, he harmed himself as well, but I must speak my truth or the lessons I have learned will slip through my fingers…..


I have considered posting them here, but do not know as of yet, if that is what I need to do….I am in the process of writing my novella so this maybe a way to work through my essays and tales of terror, lust and magick.


One Response to “Tales of Terror, Growth and loss…..”

  1. Some stories need to be shared so that others may be better.

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