Yesterday was the first day when the Sun shone for twelve hours! Half Light, Half Dark, Half Empty or Half Full…….
In these months of being alone, finding my heart again and licking my wounds, the darkness has been my dear friend. It wrapped itself around me when I needed comforting, gave me a place to hide to feel safe and allowed me to dream away the hours…..
Now as the Light returns I can see a bit further…..

After the loss of my Other Half, many pieces of myself have become clearer, how I failed myself and others has become apparent and how I was wronged still makes it’s way from the cave I have been keeping that pain in.

I have not been all alone in this, I have been blessed to have met Sigurd, showing me I am worth the wait, that I can Love again, and Learn along the way.
As my Birthday approaches, there is so much to complete, and do much to dream for……


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