The morning sun shining brightly on my window pane……

I am starting to feel the coming of Spring, now mind you it is still only 20 degrees, the ground still covered with snow, but the days are now longer, the Sun a bit warmer on my flesh.    I think though the real reason is that my Love will be coming to visit me this week.

It has been an interesting year so far this year of 2014.

I pray that I can keep promises to myself in these last weeks of Winter.  I have been struggling with old Demons, addictions, harmful ways, long sad days.  I have told myself many things, and have been struggling with keeping my promise to myself.

I have given up so much in the past year and came to many sad realizations of my life as it was.  I guess I just want the pain to cease, the aches to stop.   But I have learned many ways over the years that escaping into one addiction to relieve another will never work.

What does work, is being honest, doing the work I put in front of me, eating well, exercising, moments of Joy through music, prayer, Ecstatic Workings,  and time with Dear Friends …….


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