Walking into the past…..

An early morning walk into Deering Oaks, the snow has been a Blessing, I have had many opportunities to travel into Deering Oaks, in the early morning hours.   The sun shining bright this morning while I and my fellow Portlander’s made our way through the slick city streets.   My morning adventure then took a  turn into the past, into Deering Oaks Park.

My personal past, I remember being five or four and going with my Mother down to the pond,strapping on my double runner skates and hitting the ice.  Going to the oaks to see the water fountian and feed the ducks was a traditional part of Portland Summers.

In my Parenting years, I would take the wee one down the the playground, they had just redone it when she was little so there were great swings, slides and things to climb on.  My former Homemate and I would take our toddler girls down there, we would sip soda(I was a soda drinker in those days) sit in the Sun and watch the girls tire themselves out for a late afternoon nap.

I assisted in “Prayer for Peace Day” event that my Priestess put together in 1998.  We had bands and readings and crafts, it was a great success.

In the recent past, it was a place where a very special anniversary with my former Partner was celebrated.

I have hosted many Teaching Circles there, attended many Rituals and Blots.

I have listened for the Wild Hunt on Solstice Nights.

It is a Sacred Place.  It was a gathering place for the First Nations many generations ago, when the park actually reached to the bay.

Yesterday I sang my way through the park in the twilight and storm.  The trees and other beings seemed to appreciate the serenade.


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