A Loved one told me last year, “you need to be okay being alone”. Lol…. I have spent most of my adult life alone. After my divorce it was just me and my daughter for many years, though I dated I never lived with a Romantic Partner. I was Blessed to find great Housemates at times, and I ran the Home for Wayward Pagans, (rented a room to a few people), Romantically I have been alone for most of my life.

I do not consider myself single, but I use the term Autonomous.

Living a life in Service my life belongs to the Gods and my Community, so having a Romantic Partner is a Blessing but not necessary to fulfil me.

Having relationship with Gods/Ancestors and other beings, fills my heart and Soul with Joy and purpose.

Intimacy is Intimacy, whether with other Humans, or Others.

Don’t get me wrong I would be quite joyous to have a Companion/Partner/Love that I wake with on a daily basis.j prepare food with, pray with, do Magick with………

I was Blessed to have shared my life the past six years, with a Dark Priest, I learned to Love again, to be myself again, and to become the Priestess I was always meant to be.

I have been Blessed to find my Hero this past Summer, and found a new way to be in Service/Love and Learn. The Gods are Wise…


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