Freya’s Day

Freya’s Day

A warm and dark space for this Priestess to heal and prepare for her future. I find that when I am the most emotionally vunerable is when I want to spend time in small dark places. Quiet and safe, introverted. Like a seed that has been planted in the warm, moist soil.

The seeds of my future are germinating. They need nutrients, water and a safe place to grow.
I have made myself a decent daily routine, up, prayer, coffee reading then writing. Next week I will start to head to the YMCA for swimming and exercise, I will also be spending a couple of hours a day in a local cafe for writing, research, Seidh Studies and other internet work.

It was four years ago, that I spent a Winter with another family here in Portland. It was a powerful time for me. It was really the first place I was on my own, no Partner, after living with him for a year and a half. I found  many of my teachers that Winter, and many of the paths I am on now, began then.
Freya and I grew closer that Winter, and by that Spring major things shifted. I have recently, these past few months, been allowing myself to become closer with Her again, as well as Frey. I have been Blessed to have a wonderful Man in my life to help me reconnect with Freyja and to grow a relationship with Frey. Hail the Vanir!


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