Family and Warmth……

Feeling so Blessed to have been given a safe and warm space, these next two months will be Seidh Studies, Clergy work,Healthy Choices, lots of walking, swimming and a lifestyle I have longed to live for many, many decades.,

Woke to the sounds of the Family this morning. A night that was warm and I did not have to get up and feed the dragon every two hours. I am so Blessed to have found my way here and to be found. I am so grateful for my adopted Family. I always feel as if I have a home, and the reality is I always do have a home where I am Loved, Supported and Accepted. My former Partner’s family took me in right from the start, his sister and nieces became like family from our first Dinner together.
It was two years ago this April that I was adopted into my former Partner’s Family. At that time there was talk of a hand-fasting, a collaring, or an adoption into his family. His family has a tradition of adopting people into the family with a formal ceremony.

My daughter and I were welcomed into their Clan.

I had been struggling with Family my whole life. Never fitting in really with my birth family, after my marriage, I created my own family, though that only lasted for five or so years. After our divorce I remained a single parent. I remember my daughter saying to me once, “ we aren’t a family Mama, it is just you and me”, I had tears in my eyes. My daughter’s father, my ex husband, took his own life when our daughter was only twelve. So, it was just my daughter and myself, …..I am a mother of one by choice,so after she graduated high school and went off to college it was just me.

I decided during her high school years to only date casually, so after she left for school, I set out to date and find myself a Love, and I did. I also put my Magickal studies on hold after her father had passed away. My main focus became my daughter and her well being and all of my personal needs and goals went on hold. And that they did for over five years.

My former Partner was such a Blessing in my life for many, many reasons, one of them was the Blessing of his loving, intelligent, giving Family. His sister and two nieces quickly became such an important part of my life, and soon I moved in with them, and finally had a large family surrounding me. Including the two dogs, five cats and various other pets. My daughter moved into her grandmother’s home with her half brother, while she went to college so we both found a home and a family to be with.

I have Family of choice, Clan, Kin, the Seen and Unseen, and Loved ones….


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