A beautiful Friday, our story begins. It was an extra nice late September afternoon. Sunna shining above, Nerthus alive and vibrant in all her splendor. The trees wearing their new Fall colors, reds, yellows, orange, all mixed in with greens of many hues. The air was warm, and the sky a bright blue.
As I made my was to Casco to the Spiral Rite.

The week leading up to this day had been a very trying one. A broken heart that has been refusing to mend, being alone, being lonely. Many of my Kin mates hurting, the state of the World unnerving.
I was feeling lost, sad and unclear of what to do next. I knew that this upcoming Rite and Weaving was
just what my Soul was needing.

I made my way there, mind you more than once I thought of just turning back, just going home and crawling under the covers, but I had been there for days before, and I knew I had to break out of my comfort zone to grow. When I started down the dirt road to the land, my heart felt lighter already. Surrounded by trees, flowers and the bright blue sky. I unloaded my car, put up the portable Temple and set up my Altar. There, home for two nights, lovely.

We all gathered by the fire pit. Many were familiar faces, some I have known for decades, some I was meeting for the first time. Then to work! First task was to build the Spiral we would use for the morning Ritual of our rebirth. The Cauldron, the Womb was set, and off we went. Gathering rocks from the land, borrowing rocks form some of the stone walls around the gardens. Slowly and methodically I chose my stones to carry. As I walked with these burdens, I saw them as the burdens I carry through my daily life. How a few small “worries” when I carry them all at once become heavy. Piling one burden upon another and then trying to get from one place to another became more work than I had realized. I visualized this physical burden as the emotional ones I carry. One by one, laying them down, letting them go, in order to fulfill a larger purpose. Creating art.

The Spiral was done, many hands light work. I was taken back at how quickly this group of people had built such a beautiful work or art. In the center was placed the Cauldron, the Womb, and in that the waters of life. While we built the Spiral, others were building the fire. Stick by stick, and stone by stone we were building the skeleton to do our work around and with. We gathered in a circle around the Spiral itself. Shannon made her way into the center. She gazed into the cauldron, called to the Great Mother and charged this for our Rite.

We then moved to the fire pit. The sun was setting and the shadows were falling over the woods.
We lit the fire, standing in silence watching the flames slowly growing. When the fire was friendly, warm and welcoming, we then walked away from it, in silence reach of us to go and spend time alone, to reflect and for me to gather up the things that I wanted to burn away from myself. Searching in my concenous things I need to make amends for, thing I no longer needed to carry, and anything else that stood in my way. I realized that allowing my wounded heart to stand in my way and take so much of my time and energy was only harming me. I tend to be too loyal, once my heart is given, it is given forever. So how was I going to nurture myself if I was in pain. I needed to see myself as my own Hero. I saw the places I was wounded, the places where I allow my shields to hold people far from myself and no wonder I was lonely. I have faced many demons, fear and frightening places, but allowing my heart to be seen and myself Loved is the most frightening thing to me. After about an hour we were called back to the fire, to burn away these things that no longer served us. Into the fire, I threw heartbreak, I threw insecurity, I threw fear, into the Fire I threw all the old dreams that were now dead. A fitting end for many vibrant dreams that just never came true. The deserved an honorable funeral a pyre for things that were great in their day, now they were just rotting. Some of them I had a hard time of letting go, I allowed myself to weep, and still do.
Now, now there was room to dream again, to look into the future without be clouded by the past. To plan a route form this place forward. To accept where I was now, and to see where I needed to go.
After some time around the fire….it was off to dream. Not just to sleep, but to Dream. To envision the future free of despair. It was a fitful night, waking after nightmares,Other times waking from dreams of great joy and new adventures I had yet to take.
I woke and saw the gray hues casting shadows on the tent, I wanted to return to the dream I was dreaming, I rolled over and then heard…VBBBBBBBBBBBBBBrrrrrrrr!!!!! The horn to call us to Rebirth, the awakening.

Slowly we all gathered near the fire, which was rekindled to welcome us. The morning a rebirth, a rising. Standing around the Spiral I turned deeply inward. I had to say good bye to things I did not want to let go of, I had to shed tears for parts of me that I left behind, and Loved ones whom had moved on. In order to become more authentically me, I needed to loose parts of me. In silence, one by one, people moved through the spiral…inward leaving things behind, the center, gazing into the void, and back out again, Reborn. Over my left shoulder I heard a crow caw three times, and then I heard him say “go now, go now!”, and forward I moved. I was shedding…into the center, I could feel the webs, the layers that were now dead, things clinging to me, I pulled them off, untangled myself, and reached the center naked and open.

Walking between the worlds.....

Walking between the worlds…..


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