circleThere is hope….my grand adventures to the Poconos proved that. I had spent many weeks on my own since my return form England. Lost my Love, and was just lost. I had been praying for months to find my way. I was supposed to move out West. I had offered that to my Love, and in the usual way, I went unappreciated, neglected and cast aside. So you know what….I am not moving to the West Coast…not for him at least. My heart, is wounded my ego, wounded, my Soul, feels lighter. I have given all I had and more to that relationship, trying to make him happy, giving all I could, physically, emotionally, spiritually. It was never enough. Even with all his other women in his life…it is not enough. That is becuase there is a hole in his soul and it cannot be filled with women, lust, or drugs. I know this from personal growth and struggles. I needed to walk away. I was falling into that hole with him….and I cannot/will not sacrifice myself for someone whom does not even care to keep me safe.
So now….I stand here, alone, lonely and stronger. I seek for answers as I move forward….
But there is HOPE


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