I have been on my own these past couple of months.  I left a very full life.  I was in England with my Love, and staying with My friend, her two daughters, two dogs, five cats three ferrets and a tourtise.  Now I spend my days alone.  Due to rude and selfish behavior I will not be joining my love on the West Coast, so that leave me here and alone.  Mind you, people I talk with envy my alone time, me, it is solitary confinement.  I do not do well alone.  I also like to and and need to take care of people.   That was one reason my relationship with my Love worked for so long, I enjoyed taking care of him.  So now I am lost.

My heart is broken, I am not playing the victim here, trust me, I saw this coming down the road for miles and miles.  I want to spend my time with someone who likes me, not too much to ask really…. There is a difference folks, Love does not equal like.

So today was spend doing odds and ends, and searching for fulfilment, as will tomorrow and the day after…..

It has been a painful couple of months as I not only grieve but mend.



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