Vision of Woden

A few weeks before my initiation my life was falling apart.  My boyfriend and I had broken up, technically, but still living together.  My psyche was just about to crack for many reasons. One afternoon I had a bit of a breakdown, sat sobbing in the corner then got up and showered, sat back down in dark corner and let my mind wander.  I tried to imagine a candle flame…watching the fire…the fire grew until it was  a small bon fire.  I was there, alone, the woods behind the fire dark, the ground fecund and dark soil. I stared into the flames…my right hand reached out to the flames…I was visualizing my initiation.  I could feel the heat from the fire on my flesh….Then He showed up on my left hand side.  He grabbed my left hand and forced it into the flames  I cold feel the heat, I wanted to pull it back, but my hand was held firmly in His strong fingers.  Then he yanked it back out, I turned to my left to look him in the face…he said to me “see, you will be fine”, he kinda of laughed and gave me a little wink. I could see a twinkle in his eye. My hand was fine, there was no burn, no pain….I knew in that moment that I would be fine.  He showed me that.


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