Strength….this rune found it’s way into a reading a friend did for me the other day. It is a rune I work with on many levels. What is strength? Strength the ability to face one’s shadow, to fight one’s foe, to remain still and silent when all one want so to do is jump around and holler. It relates to “primal” forces”, to me that also includes, Love, Lust, Fear…… I have been leading an interesting internal life for months now. Facing fears that most humans would never even bother to do face. I am now reflecting on why and if I should continue this endeavor. Having conquered many aspects for emotional fear, why would I continue to subject myself to more? What is it that I am learning, gaining from this repetitive undertaking. Maybe I am only avoiding the real fear, but spending so much time dealing with this one? Maybe I am hiding from myself behind one fear to mask another? I will take this rune into my day and see where it leads me…..


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