My Ladies

I recently went to visit a Shaman. I have been struggling with many aspect of my life, spiritual, physical, romantic, and was in need of some clarity. I have over the past six month enjoyed and was blessed with having a relationship that was outside of the norms. Within the aspect of this particular relationship I was able to do some deep exploring. Exploring into the dark recesses of my mind to see what really lurked there.

So when I sat down in front of my Shaman, I was not sure what would come of it.  One of the most powerful thing that came through though, were my Ladies.  I have called many dieties, My Ladies, but on this particular day, it was clear whose I was.

Frigga showed up very strongly.  “The Lady, the Frith Keeper”.  I have been thinking for quite a while about doing more public works as a Heathen. I was very involved in the Pagan community years ago, and was very public.  In the past few years I have been studying Heathenry as well as undergoing huge personal life changes.  I have withdrawn from the general community while I have allowed myself to experience many forms of practice that I waited to experience.


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