So now my runes are made, lying upon my alter, awaiting my blood. I have had many interesting reflections in this proccess mostly about communication, with one another and from the other side. I am planning next week a retreat to spend time with Odin, Freya and Bragi. I will seek their counsel and Blessings upon the work I will do with these runes. I am also seeking guidance for my path through the Fall and Winter. Now that my Father is on the other side, and my daughter doing well, and finally 21, my ties to this place have greatly diminished. Blessed I am!


One Response to “Runes,”

  1. I learned a few things about the Runes recetly which have changed the way I am approaching them. To see each as it’s own Spirit, each carrying their own energy, and primal force. I am kind of courting them, as I understand it. Growing a relationship with them and “feeding” them.

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